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What is CharityBuy?

CharityBuy is a website that helps charities raise money in a simple, unique way. It's free to use, it's easy to use and can make a big difference!

We have partnerships with hundreds of popular brands that sell products and services online. Every purchase you make with one of our retail partners can generate a financial contribution to the charity of your choice. You don't have to pay anything extra - you'll get their best online deals and specials. You're also not limited to just a few products - there are literally millions of products you can buy which will support your charity!

Next time you want to buy books, gifts, gadgets, flowers, mobile phones, fashion or almost anything at all, don't just buy it - CharityBuy it!

CharityBuy Updates

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CharityBuy Logo

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Liking CharityBuy on Facebook and following CharityBuy on X is the best way to keep up to date with what's happening on the site. By sharing our posts you'll help spread the word about CharityBuy.

Sample Text

Mentioning CharityBuy in your regular newsletters is a really simple and effective way of promoting it and increasing fundraising. The most effective way is for you to write a short article about what your charity is raising funds for. To help you get started though, here are a couple of short paragraphs that you could copy/paste into a newsletter or website, to help promote your fundraising through CharityBuy.

Shop Online to Support Our Charity

We have registered with CharityBuy to raise money for the charity whenever you go shopping online. CharityBuy has partnered with over 100 online stores including great brands like Bonds, Booktopia, City Beach, MyDeal, Nine West, Shaver Shop, Sportscraft and many more. Every time you shop online with one of these stores, a financial contribution is generated for our charity - just visit first, select 'Random Charity of the Month' on the home page and then go shopping and your favourite stores!

Raise Money By Shopping Online With Great Brands!

We have registered with CharityBuy to raise money for our charity through online shopping. CharityBuy allows you to shop online with over 200 stores and a percentage of every purchase will generate much needed funds for our charity. Contributing stores include popular brands like Bonds, Booktopia, City Beach, MyDeal, Nine West, Shaver Shop, Sportscraft and many more.

Supporting our charity with CharityBuy is really easy. Here's how it works:

  • 1. Visit
  • 2. Nominate 'Random Charity of the Month' on the home page
  • 3. Click through to the website where you want to shop
  • 4. A percentage of your purchase will be contributed to the charity!

There are millions of products that can be bought to support our charity. For example - mobile phones, flights, hotels, holiday packages, flowers, gifts, shoes, electronics, sporting equipment, clothing for women, men and kids, health insurance and much, much more. It doesn't cost you anything extra, and can make a big difference for our charity!

Visit and start supporting our charity when you shop online!

We look forward to seeing what else you can come up with!

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Badge links copied from this page will go straight to Random Charity of the Month. For badges that link to the home page, see the general marketing page.

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