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  1. What is CharityBuy?

    CharityBuy is a website that helps charities raise money when people shop online. We have partnerships with hundreds of popular brands that sell products and services online. Every purchase you make with one of our partner stores can generate a financial contribution for the charity of your choice. You don't have to pay anything extra and can still take advantage of any online deals on the partner store site because the retailer makes the contribution on your behalf.

    CharityBuy is free and easy to use and your shopping can make a big difference! So, next time you want to buy flights, gifts, gadgets, flowers, mobile phones, fashion or almost anything at all, don't just buy it - CharityBuy it!

  2. How Does It Work?

    The beauty of CharityBuy is that it all works in the background of your online shopping activity. There are just a few easy steps to follow.

    Step 1: Visit CharityBuy.com.au first before you shop

    Step 2: Nominate the charity you want to support

    Step 3: Look through our partner stores and click the logo to visit the online store you may want to buy from

    Step 4: Go shopping on the retail partner’s site!

    When you click a link from the CharityBuy site to shop with our partner stores, CharityBuy is identified as the referring website. When you complete an online purchase with one of our partner brands, they provide us with a report of the sales that CharityBuy has referred as well as the charities that have been nominated to receive contributions.

  3. Do I Have To Buy Online?

    Yes! If you want your purchase to support your nominated charity, then you need to complete an online purchase. We don't have any arrangements with our partner stores for a charity contribution to be made in any other way. This means that any purchases that are made over the phone or in person at a local shop will not be eligible for a charity contribution.

  4. Does The Charity Receive The Funds Instantly?

    That would be ideal, but unfortunately the process is not instant. Our partners typically approve sales in the month following the purchase. This way they can ensure that orders have been properly fulfilled, haven't been returned and are not fraudulent. Once the sale has been approved, it will be confirmed on the online report provided to the charity. The charity can then request a withdrawal and we'll pay the funds out shortly after that.

  5. Can Any Charity Participate In CharityBuy?

    Yes - any registered Australian charity can register for CharityBuy.

  6. Does It Cost Charities To Participate In CharityBuy?

    It's absolutely free for a charity to register and raise funds with CharityBuy. You can raise money for your charity with no risk, no fuss and no fees.

  7. Are There Any Contracts With CharityBuy?

    No, not at all. Once your charity is registered on CharityBuy we can't think of any reason you'd want to leave. But just in case you think of one, you're not locked into anything.

  8. How Much Money Can We Raise With CharityBuy?

    The amount raised will be determined by the excitement and awareness generated in the charity community. As more and more people become familiar with CharityBuy, the funds raised could be exponential.

  9. Is There A Limit To How Much A Charity Can Raise?

    There's no limit! Spread the word and raise as much money as you can month after month, year after year.

  10. How Can I Know When New Partner Stores Are Available?

    The best way to keep up to date is to follow CharityBuy on social media. We use Twitter and Facebook to promote offers and spread the word. We encourage you to share posts about CharityBuy to generate more awareness and more funds for your charity.

  11. What Time And Effort Will Be Required By The Charity?

    Once your charity joins CharityBuy, you'll need to let people know. Your promotion of your involvement with CharityBuy will increase the opportunities that people have to generate contributions for your charity. Fortunately this sort of promotion is very time effective and won't require significant resources. But being consistent is important.

    We suggest that continual reminders in newsletters, emails and social media will keep the concept alive in people's minds. You may want to encourage everyone in the community to follow CharityBuy on Facebook and Twitter, so that they will be reminded of CharityBuy and our partner stores on a regular basis.

    Use your own initiative and creativity to start spreading the word!

  12. How Does CharityBuy Cover Its Expenses?

    As you would expect, there are some expenses associated with running a site like CharityBuy so in our agreements with our partner stores there is an amount over and above the amount that is contributed to charities which is used to fund the CharityBuy operations. However, the majority of CharityBuy revenue is passed on to charities.

    Any contribution amount that is mentioned on the site is what we pass on to charities.  We developed CharityBuy to help raise money for charities - not to line our own pockets.

  13. Is There A Minimum Threshold For Charity To Receive Payments?

    Yes, $50 is the standard threshold for payment. Once you have accrued $50 in contributions for your charity you can request a withdrawal and will receive it in the next payment cycle. There is no time limit in which to raise the threshold amount and any money raised will always be held for you until your charity is past the threshold.

  14. What If I Can't Find My Charity On CharityBuy?

    If you can't find your charity, then please nominate a new charity. We'll look to see if your charity is anywhere to be found on our site. If we can't find it then we'll use the contact details you provide to contact the charity and invite them to join CharityBuy.

    You're also welcome to leave your your own contact details so we can let you know how we went with your information.

    Don't let it hold you up from shopping through CharityBuy though - we'll mark your purchases as pending and when your charity joins we'll assign any previously generated contributions to them!

  15. Can The Charity Advertise The Amounts Raised on CharityBuy?

    Certainly. As the dollar amount increases, so will the community gain confidence with the system and want to use it more and more. We suggest that you advise members of your community of how CharityBuy is helping with your work and fundraising goals. Or if the contributions are used for smaller projects, advise everyone what has been bought with the funds, for example new computers, new play equipment or new smartboards.

  16. How do the coupon codes work?

    From time to time our retail partners provide us with promo or coupon codes to help you save money. Click where it says coupons (on a retailer logo) to see the details and info on how to redeem the offer. Please note that using a discount code from somewhere other than CharityBuy (including from the retailers own website) may invalidate the contribution.