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With the new school year soon to begin we thought it might be worth posting a little reminder that if you do your ‘Back to School’ shopping online with our retail partners not only can you find some great bargains but every purchase you make will help raise much needed funds for charity.  All you need to do is visit to nominate an organisation before you shop and they will automatically receive a percentage of what you spend.  

Below are some suggestions of retailers offering school supplies.  Many of them offer fantastic discounts at this time of year and it won’t cost you anything extra to shop via CharityBuy.  So, you can shop online knowing that you are getting a good deal and helping your favourite charity at the same time!

School shoes and clothing

If your child needs new shoes for school, you are in luck.  Right now, Clarks is offering 20% off school shoes. This brand is well-known for the quality of their footwear so you can choose from a range of styles and know your purchase will be both comfortable and built to last.  Similarly, Shoes and Sox has 20% off school shoes and black sport shoes.  They too have a great selection of the best brands and offer real value for money. They take finding the right fit very seriously and even offer free ‘digital fittings’ with experts if you are unsure what size to order. Plus, they offer easy returns if needed.  Finally, you can’t beat The Athletes Foot for kids sports shoes but did you know that they also have a large range of school shoes? They also offer a virtual fitting service.

When it comes to clothing, Lowes offers quality schoolwear and accessories at affordable prices.  You can even order the official school uniform of participating schools online.  Simply head to their website and select your child’s school to find a range of uniform items plus sportswear and accessories.  Of course, as well as clothing, they also sell items like socks, ties, belts, hats, raincoats, etc.  Lowes even stocks a range of school shoes from big brands so you can basically get everything you need in one shop.

Best and Less also offers great value schoolwear with polos, t-shirts, shorts, skorts, pants, jumpers and jackets in a wide range of colours.  They also sell items like sun-smart hats, raincoats and art smocks at very reasonable prices.  Naturally, Bonds is your go-to if you need to stock up on clothing such as underwear and socks for the new school year (and selected items are now 25% off if you buy two or more).

We also have partnered with some sportswear stores if you need to buy sports gear.  For example, Speedo has all the swimwear you might need and Sportitude has a great selection of sportswear and sporting equipment for kids.  As well as runners, they also sell black leather school shoes and are currently offering discounts if you purchase more than one pair.

Bags, lunch boxes, labels, etc.

If you are looking for bags and backpacks, our top suggestion would probably be City Beach.  They have plenty of branded items which will appeal to older kids and also sell things like pencil cases, water bottles and shoes.

Homewares retailers like House and Zanui have a wide selection of lunchboxes, bento boxes and insulated bags plus thermos, water bottles and more. They have products for all ages with colourful designs that kids are sure to love.  Of course, to avoid mix-ups and lost property, check out the fantastic choice of gorgeous name labels available from Bright Star Kids. They have a labelling solution for everything from pencils, lunchboxes and stationery to clothing, shoes and bags.  They also offer personalised items such as backpacks, pencil cases, drink bottles and - the latest must-have accessories - face masks!!!

Books and technology

If you are looking to purchase books, a good place to start is Booktopia.  Their website categorises titles by stage (pre-school, primary and secondary) and by subject so it’s really easy to find what you are looking for. They are great for reference books like dictionaries, as well as Naplan workbooks and Excel study guides to give students a little extra support with their curriculum learning.  Angus and Robertson also has a fantastic range of books for school and homework assistance – plus wonderful fiction titles to encourage a love of reading.  Alternatively, there is Jekkle, a specialist textbook retailer.  They source directly from the publisher and offer thousands of titles covering all subjects and education levels, including some high school texts and reference books.

In terms of technology, Betta Home Living has a good selection of affordable laptops as well as computers, monitors, printers, keyboards, headphones and other accessories.  Whether for BYOD, learning from home or homework, they have the latest tech to give your child the best tools for learning.  Likewise, Microsoft has some fantastic options to give your child every educational advantage.  As well as their Surface devices, they also sell accessories and software – and the great news is they offer discounts for students and educators.

Thanks for shopping online with CharityBuy and all the best for a smooth return to school and a fantastic school year!!!!




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