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An update on the impact of the coronavirus on CharityBuy

Now is a difficult and uncertain time for everyone so we just wanted to provide a quick update on the impact of the coronavirus on CharityBuy. We are essentially operating as normal but the pandemic has affected many of our partners in the retail sector. As such, many have scaled back some of their promotional activities. This means that a number of our retail partners have suspended their participation in the program for now and a few have had to temporarily reduce the percentage contribution they make for each purchase. Our site has been updated accordingly and we do apologise for any disruption to your usual shopping activity.

However, most of the partner stores have communicated their intention to return at the end of the crisis and there are plenty of online stores operating as normal. Indeed, many are still having sales and some have even increased their promotional efforts as they move to an online-only model. As physical stores close we will rely more and more on online shopping so we hope you will choose to shop with those brands that give back to the community through platforms like CharityBuy.  By supporting the retail sector you will be helping to keep people in jobs and helping your chosen charity at the same time.

At a time like this, the not-for-profit sector plays such an important role and charities need your support now more than ever so we hope you will continue to shop through CharityBuy.

More importantly, we hope you stay safe and healthy.

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